Redeliver: Godot Remake

I’m currently working on remaking Redeliver in Godot Game Engine.

What Happened?

I made Redeliver on RenPy without from zero without any programming background just for fun during the pandemic. I got busy right after the launch and honestly kind of sad too with the result. After few years, I kind off miss the process and wanted to make something again (even if it suck!) … and that’s how I started learning Godot around January 2023.

I recently finished the Learn Godot From Zero by GDQuest (though currently the tutorial is on Godot 3.5 and not on latest version) and I feel like I have to make a quick game or something to reinforce the things I learned and to also learn really how to design code using Godot which brought me back to the old game.

What I’m Planning With The Game?

There are many wrongs with the RenPy version which I want to at least improve. I want to remake the gameplay as a short and simple jigsaw puzzle game with a little bit of self explanatory narrative. The game will be significantly shorter but at least it’s a little but more concise.

The goal is to add a little bit of an extra gameplay while improving the pacing of the game. And of course my main goal to learn more about Godot, programming and game design in general.

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