Redeliver 2.0 Update

After around 2 months, the Redeliver Godot remake is here.

About the update

Hi, I’m excited to announce that I remade the game in new engine and completely reworked the core mechanics and the narrative of the game. Here’s the short trailer:

Main Changes:
– Gameplay: Broken down into 10 minutes of simple puzzles.
– Story: Removed the lengthy story content and focused on main intended themes instead. Same old MC delivering letter.
– Sprites: Reworked the sprites. I know it’s not even average but I think it’s much more simpler.
– Music: Updated music and sound effects.

To Achievement Hunters

This new update is way different from the previous version. The previous version was more of a visual novel compared to the latest build, which is mostly mini puzzles. This results in a complete overhaul of the achievements, which also removes previously gained achievements.

I sincerely apologize, and this mishap is totally on me. I should’ve been more mindful and at least tried to preserve my previous achievements. I should’ve released this build on a different app anyway since the past reviews do not reflect the current build.

Again, I apologize. I will certainly learn from this moving forward.

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